Cloverland Dairy
For many years, the milk bottle shown above stood over Cloverland Dairy, a familiar
landmark to everyone who passed it on S. Carrollton Avenue.  The dairy was established
when dairy farmer George Villere and two partners purchased the Pure Milk Company in
1907, and changed the company's name to Cloverland Dairy.

In 1924, a new, modern plant was constructed on S. Carrollton Avenue.  At one time
Cloverland was the largest dairy using the then-brand-new pasteurization process in the
south.  And the dairy has another claim to fame:  Louis Armstrong worked there
delivering milk when he was a teenager.

Sealtest Dairy acquired ownership of Cloverland in 1950 and, eventually, the facility on S.
Carrollton was abandoned.  Most of the building was ultimately demolished, but the front
facade was left standing.  When the site was purchased and a new building was
constructed to house a U.S. Post Office, the front was left as it was - a reminder to those
who remember the days of the old Cloverland Dairy.  But, sad to say, the iconic milk
bottle is no more.
A Cloverland milk wagon on Carrollton Avenue.
Milk being placed inside crates for delivery, ca. 1920's.
Today the partly old/partly new building serves as a post office.