Let's Go For a Drive:
Vintage Cars of Old New Orleans
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Lee Circle, 1928
King Motor Company showroom
Cars crossing the Hwy. 11 bridge over Lake Pontchartrain.
I don't know the date, but the bridge was constructed in 1928.
North Rampart Street, 1930
French Market, bet. 1910-20
Car on St. Charles Avenue, in front of H. A. Testard Bicycles and Automobiles shop, 1910
Clay Dutton automobile dealership
Fairchild Motor showroom, 1951
Accident on Canal Street, in front of Easton High School, 1914
Stephens Chevrolet, 1964
Pattison Pontiac, Canal Street, 1950's
Above & below, Mike Persia Chevrolet, 1950's
Driver's Education cars for New Orleans public high schools, 1958
Canal Street, 1953
Absinthe House, 1930s