First Presbyterian Church
Lafayette Square - This is the fourth of five buildings in which the congregation of First
Presbyterian has worshipped.  The first building, constructed in 1819, was on St.
Charles Avenue.  The second building was erected on Lafayette Square in 1835; it was
destroyed by fire in 1854 and immediately rebuilt.  The church was almost totally
destroyed in the 1915 hurricane; again, it was rebuilt immediately - this is the building
pictured above and below.  In 1938, the church was sold to the federal government and
demolished in preparation for a new federal office building.  The fifth church was
constructed on South Claiborne and Jefferson Avenues and the congregation
continues to worship there.
Lafayette Square:  1st Presbyterian Church on the left; building to the right is
Gallier Hall; the building to the left of Gallier Hall is Soule Commercial College.
I believe this photo and the one below were taken in the 1930's.
Another view of the church across Lafayette Square.