Scenes from Irish Bayou and Little Woods, ca. 1958
Lake Pontchartrain at Point Aux Herbes
Little Woods
Little Woods
Little Woods
Irish Bayou
Powers Junction, Hwy 90 & Hwy 11
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Beginning in the 1920's, land along the lakefront in eastern Orleans Parish (at that time,
still far from the crowded city) began being developed.  A shell road was constructed
and a subdivision known as Edgelake, adjacent to Hayne Boulevard, opened.  It would be
many years before Edgelake, in the area now known as Little Woods, was fully
developed.  However, right away, small buildings known as camps, immediately began to
spring up all along the lakefront.  These camps sat on piers or stilts, jutting out over the
lake.  Rather than year-round residences, most were summer houses where the city's
residents could spend time during the hot weather months, fishing and enjoying the lake
breezes.  Many of these camps remained a popular summer destination and a fixture on
the lake until Hurricane Georges destroyed most of them in 1998.  There were only five
camps left by 2005, and Hurricane Katrina washed those away.
Like Spanish Fort, Milneburg and other lakeshore neighborhoods with camps and
resorts, Little Woods has a rich musical history.  In the 1920's-1940's, clubs along the
lakefront in Little Woods featured Jazz bands and were very popular with city residents
and beyond.  The list of Jazz musicians who performed in Little Woods and went on to
become nationally known is a long one.
Irish Bayou is another area on Lake Pontchartrain, near Lake Catherine and Lake
Borgne.  Like Little Woods, it's known for its fishing camps, but many of these were
larger than those in Little Woods and were year round residences.  In 2005, Hurricane
Katrina, destroyed most of the camps in the Irish Bayou area.   -- Nancy