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History of the Jesuit Church and High School

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Church of the Immaculate Conception
~ Jesuit Church ~
   This page came about because of the photo above.  I already had a page
devoted to the history of this church, with vintage photos.  But, when I came
across the picture at the top of the page, I knew I had to feature it -- the old
Moorish steeples, with a backdrop of modern skyscrapers, is striking.  I decided
to add a few more current photographs, as well.
   The architecture of this church has always intrigued me.  It's supposed to be in
the Gothic Revival style, with Moorish Revival and Byzantine Revival elements.  
But it's the Moorish part that I think of when I see either the exterior or the
   Moorish Revival was popular in America in the mid-1800's when this church
was designed, so I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise to find a building with those
elements.  But, no matter how many times you turn the corner of Canal Street at
Baronne and catch the first glimpse of those steeples, it's still just a little bit
startling to see them among the office buildings, hotels and department stores of
downtown New Orleans!
   This church has an interesting history; if you'd like to explore it, you'll find a
link at the bottom of the page.   -- Nancy