Kingsley House

Established 1896

A beacon of hope for New Orleans families
Cooking class at Kingsley House, ca. 1900
The idea for Kingsley House began with the pastor of Trinity Episcopal Church, Dr. Beverly
Warner and came into being in 1896 through his efforts and the efforts of the Episcopalian
Diocese.  When Eleanor McMain, one of the guiding lights of Kingsley House in its formative
years, came aboard, she pushed for it to become a non-sectarian organization with an
ecumenical board.  In 1900, Kingsley House moved from its first building on Tchoupitoulas Street
to quarters on Annunciation Street.  (The photos on this page are from 1900, and I believe there
are images representing both locations, but, unfortunately, I don't know which are which.)  In
1925, Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Williams donated 3 acres of land at Constance and Richard Streets in
the Lower Garden District, along with buildings and $300,000 toward construction costs to
Kingsley House.  Over the years, there have been many additions and renovations and today, its
campus is a peaceful and inviting sanctuary in the heart of the city.  From Kingsley House's
website:  "Our approach during the revitalization of the Greater New Orleans Area is much like
our approach has always been:  person centered, community based and mission focused."  
Although Katrina caused $3.5 million dollars in damage to its facilities, Kingsley House re-opened
a month and a half later and, since then, thousands of people from many S.E. Louisiana parishes
have participated in its programs.  One hundred ten years after its founding, Kingsley House
continues to serve the community -- far beyond the dreams of Rev. Warner, Eleanor McMain and
other settlement house pioneers of their day.  Kingsley House stands as a tribute to its staff
members, volunteers and to the people of New Orleans for their faithful support.   -- Nancy
Did you know...
...that NORD is a descendant of the early sports programs that Kingsley House pioneered?
...that the Lighthouse for the Blind evolved from Kingsley House?
...that Tulane's School of Social Work had its beginnings in Kingsley House's programs?
...that Kingsley House helped wipe out yellow fever by spearheading efforts to screen
...that Kingsley House helped pass a child labor law?

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