The second Masonic Temple building;
constructed in 1892; it was demolished
in 1926 to make way for a new building.  
This photo is ca. 1915.  I couldn't find a
photograph of the first building.
The third Masonic Temple building,
constructed in 1926, dedicated in
1927.  This photo was taken shortly
after it was completed.  It was the
second high-rise to be built in the
Central Business District.
Another view of the third building.
The Masonic Temple was sold in 1992.  After
an $11 million dollar renovation, it opened
as the New Orleans Hilton St. Charles
Avenue Hotel.
The Masons bought a building known as the Commercial Exchange in 1853 and used it,
renting out office space to help offset the cost, until 1892, when it was demolished and a
new building was constructed.  This building (pictured above and below left) was torn
down to make way for a larger, more modern building in 1926 (below right).  Finally, an
era came to an end in 1992, when the Masons sold the building, leaving behind a history
of 129 years at St. Charles and Perdido.  The building is now used as the New Orleans
Hilton St. Charles Avenue Hotel.  Although it has changed hands at least two times, and
been extensively renovated twice since its sale in 1992, fortunatetly, the owners have
left a substantial amount of the original exquisite interior design features in place.  Still
there:  the original chandeliers, original marble floors and marble walls, original
hand-crafted inlay tile ceiling in the Grand Entry Hall.  I can remember the magnificent
impression the building made on me when I visited there as a child.
Historic  Masonic Temple Building