John McDonogh No. 6 School
McDonogh No. 6 elementary school was located at Camp Street and Napoleon
Avenue.  It was built in 1876, designed by William Freret.  A hurricane in the
early 1900's destroyed the gothic spires you see below (several of the
remaining McDonogh buildings origianlly had spires which are no longer
present).  In 1969, it sustained damage from Hurricane Camille, but, by that time,
it was no longer in use as a public school.  Since 1977, the building has been
used by St. George's Episcopal School.  St. George's has maintained the
architectural integrity of the building throughout several renovations.  The
school has added other historical buildings to its campus, as well, including the
old Jefferson Market and the old Jefferson City Jail and Recorder's Court.  The
photo below was taken in the 1890's; the classroom photos in about 1912.
-- Nancy
Current photo of McDonogh #6, now St. George's Episcopal School.