Parker Memorial United Methodist Church
Nashville Avenue
Parker Memorial Church History

 In 1876, river boat captain Hamton Mears offered local minister James D. Parker
his home as a meeting place.  As the number of congregants grew, the group kept
moving to larger quarters.  Before long, plans were made to build a church.
 In 1880, land was purchased at Constance and Octavia Streets.  The first church
(Parker Chapel) was built there in 1882.  In 1890, lots were purchased on
Jefferson Avenue and Magazine Street.  After the chapel was moved to the new
location, a tower, vestibule and classrooms were added.
 After James D. Parker died in 1895, the church was renamed Parker Memorial
Methodist Church in his honor.
 The cornerstone for the present church on Nashville Avenue was laid in 1904.  
The first education building was added in the 1920's and the current education
building was constructed in 1955.
  When the Eighth Street Methodist Church closed down in 1956, its members
transferred to Parker.

  The names below came from a 1943 Parker Memorial Church newsletter I found
in one of my Grandmother's scrapbooks  -- Nancy
Morgan C. Atwood
M. Moses Atwood
Alfred M. Barnes, Jr.
John P. Barnes
Lowe A. Barnett, Jr.
H. Keith Barnett
William H. Bried, Jr.
R. J. Brown, Jr.
S. Raymond Brown
Edward J. Brulet
H. Gregory Brulet
Durwood Buniff
Curtis Campbell
Edwin Dannemann
James Dannemann
Charles E. Foldor
George Grunblat
Coko Hawkins
Charles Herring
Archie L. Jackson
Benton Jackson
Wesley V. Jones
Margaret A. Jones
L. Marshall LaPoutge
Winfred Michon
William Michon
Alvin Morris
DeWitt Morris
Harold I. Morris
Ernest Payne
Charles Post
Robert Post
William Post
C. B. Prescott
J. Robert Rombach, Jr.
E. Moret Smith
Hugh Wilbur Till
Mack Wilson
Parker Memorial Members Serving in the Armed Forces

World War II -- May, 1943