Lulu White's Mahogany Hall, Storyville
I believe this was Josie Arlington's place,
Basin Street, Storyville
In 1950, Life magazine did a photographic essay entitled, "New
Orleans Jazz Scenes," featuring buildings that were important in
the history of Jazz.  Unfortunately, none of the photos had
captions.    I've found
a few of these, if you can identify
any of the rest, please let me know.   -- Nancy
Shadows of the PAST
Society of Inseparable Friends Hall, St. Phillip Street, Treme - This
building is still standing, but the exterior 's undergone a drastic
renovation, a 2nd floor's been added, with a mansard roof and a
brick facade overall.  The character of the interior remains intact.
Equity / Jeunes Hall, N. Robertson Street, Marigny - Still
standing, but the exterior of the building has suffered a major
alteration, the 3-bay Italianate portico was removed and the
front covered with a brick veneer.  The interior is still intact.