St. John the Baptist Catholic Church
At first, I was going to add this picture to the St. John the Baptist Church page
already on the site, but something about it moved me to give it a page of its own.
Every time I looked at this photo, the words "proud survivor" came to mind.
This historic New Orleans landmark - the church with the golden steeple - has
gone through some trying times since it was established in 1851.
In the 1950's, the almost 100-year-old school adjacent to the church was
demolished to make way for an elevated expressway.  It suffered not only the
loss of the school, but other nearby homes and businesses were lost to the
roadway's construction and the result was that the neighborhood landscape
underwent a challenging change.
In 2005, after the levee failures decimated the city and scattered parishioners
far and wide, times were difficult for many churches and some didn't survive.
But St. John the Baptist Church has overcome the hardships placed in its path
and, not only still stands, but stands tall and stands proudly.  Despite the
difficult odds stacked against it, it survives and thrives.
So does New Orleans.  That's what moved me.
And that's why this picture has its own page.
-- Nancy
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