Historic Straight College
Straight University (later to be known as Straight College) was established in 1868.  It was a
predominantly African-American school, founded by the American Missionary Association
of the Congregational Church.  Its campus was on Canal Street, between Tonti and
Rocheblave Streets.  Straight offered courses in music, law and theology.  In 1886,
Straight University began to focus on liberal arts, industrial arts and teacher training.
In 1915, the name was changed to Straight College.  The law department was notable
because black and white students studied together, which was unusual for the time.
Many of Straight College's graduates went on to become very prominent citizens in
Louisiana and beyond.  Physician James W. Ames founded the first hospital for
African-Americans in Detroit.  In 1934, Straight College merged with
New Orleans University to form Dillard University.  -- Nancy
From The Crescent City Pictorial, published in 1925 by the co-founder of The
Louisiana Weekly
newspaper, O. C. W. Taylor.  Click on image for a larger view.
Straight University, 1892
Straight University, 1900
Straight University graduating class, 1909
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