Pontalba Apartments, seen
through gate of Jackson Square,
Royal Street, 1941
Vieux Carre, 1941
725 St. Ann Street, 1959
800 block of Toulouse Street, 1959
Carved door, 1140 Royal Street, 1951
Built 1795-1799, the Cabildo is one of the most historically
significant buildings in America.  It served as the seat of the
Spanish Colonial government; it was the site of the
Louisiana Purchase transfer in 1803; it has, also, served as
the home of the Louisiana State Supreme Court.  It now
serves as a museum, filled with historical treasures
depicting the rich history of New Orleans and Louisiana;
photos ca 1951.
1037 Chartres Street, 1951
525 Madison Street, at this time, occupied
by the Gallery Circle Theatre, 1951
600 block Dumaine Street, 1951
St. Charles Hotel, St. Charles Avenue
and Gravier Street, 1951
800 block of St. Phillip, 1951
Courtyard of Herman Grima house, 820 St. Louis Street, 1951
Scenes of the Vieux Carre
1941 - 1959
Vieux Carre, 1941
Left and above, the Pontalba Apartments, the
oldest apartment buildings in the United States,
as seen from Decatur Street, 1951
821 Toulouse Street, 1951
Now known as Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, in this 1951 photo, it was 'Madame Lafitte's Cafe.'  
Built before 1772, and because of two fires which swept the city in 1788 and 1794, it's one of
the few remaining original French structures; once owned by pirate Jean Lafitte and his
727 Bourbon Street, 1951
Aunt Sally's Creole Pralines,
St. Louis and Royal Streets, 1951
Decatur Street, 1941
The photographs on this page were taken by Charles W. Cushman
and are part of a collection at Indiana University.