Canal Street Walgreen's Iconic Neon Sign
The first time the Walgreen's at 900 Canal Street applied for permission to
change its famous neon sign to LED lights, the request was turned down by the
CBD Historic District Landmarks Commission.  But, eventually, they succeeded

in getting approval to make the change

This store opened its doors in 1938.  I'm not sure when the neon was put in
place, but it couldn't have been too long after that.

I guess you could say I'm a little old school on th
e decision to change the sign
because I've always admired the vintage neon that had been a part of
Walgreen's as long as most people in New Orleans can remember.

Below are photos of the drugstore before the neon was in place, after they
acquired the neon and after the new LED sign took its place.

I understand about
going forward and moving with the times, etc., and the LED
lights are very nice...
but, oh, my goodness, I loved that neon.

-- Nancy