Some of My Favorite Vintage Canal Street Photos
This photo gives a real feel for what it must have been like to walk down Canal
Street in 1895.  With many thanks to
Robert Gonzalez for sharing this photo.
Just after the stock market crash, December, 1929.  Notice that the
'For Rent' sign on the building on the left is from Latter & Blum.
I don't have dates for the photo above or below, but by 1895, there were no longer any
horse drawn streetcars, so the one above must have been before that?  It shows the
Henry Clay statue when it stood on the neutral ground at the foot of Canal Street.
~ ~ ~
The one below is a wonderful glimpse into the past, over the years, Canal Street must
have seen many thousands of wagons loaded with cotton making their way to the
Maison Blanche Building, 1910.
The clock, D. H. Holmes, Canal Street, 1960's.
Saenger Theatre, 1920's.
This is interesting because it shows a portion of the original D. H.
Holmes building.  It was taken from the Jesuit Church on Baronne
Street and the sign on Holmes reads, "D. H. Holmes, A Dry Goods
Store."  This photo was taken in the 1860's.  The sketch on the right
shows what the front of the building would've looked like at this time.